ILLENIUM’s “Nightlight” Hearkens Back To ‘Ashes’ & Fans Are Loving It

ILLENIUM is so constantly working on new music that for every live show or tour he’s played, fans have been able to bear witness to at least one world debut of some new piece of music. Now, in quarantine, “Nightlight” could be one of the few tracks that fans haven’t been able to hear before its release. Thankfully, the response thus far seems to be overwhelmingly positive. A fair amount of fans have noted the comparison of the new song to the musical themes of his debut album, Ashes, widely regarded as the best of his three albums. (Though, everyone is entitled to their opinion.)

“Nightlight” was co-written and sang by frequent ILLENIUM collaborator Annika Wells, who gives the song its dreamy motif. The production isn’t ever overbearing, often sort of fading into the background. In contrast to Calvin Harris’ new song with The Weeknd, however, this is 100% an ILLENIUM song and gives us all sorts of chills from seeing him on tour for the very first time. Listen to “Nightlight” below!

Photo by Eddie Perlas / ESPN Images