Illenium‘s Debut Album Ashes came out five years ago today

Illenium‘s debut album Ashes came out five years ago today. At the album’s inception in 2016, the Illenium project took flight with a new world of productions — “Fortress,” “Reverie,” “It’s All on U,” “Afterlife,” “I’ll Be Your Reason,” “With You,” and more. At the time, it was everything we hoped for and today the producer continues to amplify his signature sound.

Just recently, Illenium confirmed his fourth studio album is on the way. All of his latest singles — “Hearts on Fire,” “Paper Thin,” and “Nightlight,” have been grouped together in preparation for the forthcoming release.

Illenium updates fans on the new album via tweet:

Sorry if I haven’t been 100% there for you guys this past year. When the pandemic first hit I was so exhausted from touring nonstop. Being in the studio for 12 hour days was something I missed so much. Been grinding hard on this next body of work. Can’t wait to share it!!

For now, take a trip down memory lane — listen to Ashes again here.

Illenium – Ashes

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