Illenium Unveils Second Round Of “Nightlight” Remixes With Highly Anticipated Ray Volpe Remix

One week ago, Illenium dropped the first volume of “Nightlight” remixes with Yultron, Michael Calfan, and Kaivon. Today, he follows up with Volume 2 featuring MOTi, Just A Gent, LNY TNZ, and the highly anticipated Ray Volpe remix that he scored off of what was originally just a bootleg.


MOTi kicks things off with a synthwave heaven house remix, full of beautiful energy and infectious melodies. Just A Gent comes up next with a rare dubstep remix that is far more filthy than you’d expect from the mustachioed Australian, though he’s been getting more into that sound with “Geekin’” and “ELEMENT 13” as of late. LNY TNZ wraps things up with an incredibly blissful hardstyle remix, even set against the typical drums, the original melody shines through. And the second drop is even more wonderfully melodic like you wouldn’t believe.

However, it’s undoubtedly the Ray Volpe remix that takes the cake in this pack. The first drop is a devilish dubstep drop with ear piercing highs and bone rattling lows. But, it’s the second drop that makes this an instant classic — and I’m standing by those words. The same build up gives you a false sense of repetition, expecting more of the same. On the contrary, it briefly breaks for a beautiful orchestral moment before starting to build up again, and you know from the goosebumps that something insane is about to happen.

Sure enough, when that shimmering melodic dubstep drop hits, no one would be surprised if your soul happened to just up and leave your body. That’s it, you’ve had enough. This was it.

Check out the full remix pack below!

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