Illenium Shares Special Edits From ASCEND Album Created Exclusively For Tour

Illenium’s ASCEND tour ended last year, but it’s safe to assume that those of us lucky enough to witness it in person still think about it from time to time. I was fortunate enough to see it both at Madison Square Garden in New York and Staples Center in Los Angeles, and both times I was absolutely blown away by the production, the professionalism, and, of course, the feels. For the tour, Illenium made a series of edits unique to his performances from songs on his latest album, ASCEND. Today, he’s officially releasing four of them, including the wildly anticipated Crashing vs. Destiny edit with 1788-L and Blanke.

Also included in the new release is an edit of “Broken Ones,” “Good Things Fall Apart vs. Sad Songs,” and “Gorgeous vs. All Together.” If you feel like digging deep into your feels and revisiting some old memories, listen below!

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