ILLENIUM Drops New Single “Pray” With Kameron Alexander

ILLENIUM is the man who cannot be stopped. After selling out two nights at Red Rocks (and adding a third), announcing a show at Madison Square Garden, and following up his first single of 2019, “Crashing,” he releases “Pray” today with Kameron Alexander.

Before you even listen to the track, you’ll notice that the art follows the story begun by “God Damnit” in 2018. The cloaked figure has followed the phoenix into the cave and now seems to confront him — is he asking a question or pledging his allegiance? We’ll likely find out on the next track, but these all seem to point to ILLENIUM’s next album, due out sometime this year.

Now that’s out of the way, let’s get to the track. At once, it’s immediately at odds with “Crashing,” which remains ILLENIUM’s most pop track yet. “Pray” certainly starts off with a bit of a singer/songwriter vibe, beginning with acoustic guitar riffs and Alexander’s emotive voice. But following that beautiful intro, ILLENIUM takes us back with his iconic melodic bass and suddenly I’m envisioning myself surrounded by beautiful lights and people.

“Pray” takes it one step further with the next drop, utilizing a more glitchy and midtempo style sound to play and interact with the melody. Overall, this is one of our favorite ILLENIUM tracks in some time, and we’re so excited we finally get to hear it. Check it out below!

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