Illenium and Tom DeLonge, “Paper Thin”

This week, Illenium revealed to the world the existence of his collaboration with Tom DeLonge, of Angels & Airwaves and previously blink-182. And better yet, it came out today.

“Paper Thin” is everything we wanted from a collaboration between these two — Illenium’s penchant for melodic bass-leaning pop production and Tom’s iconic vocals combine for a beautiful new single. Better yet, as Illenium adds the song to Spotify, he’s added it to a growing album with his first single this year, “Nightlight.”

“I’m so fkn stoked for Paper Thin to come out!!,” Illenium tweeted. “I’ve been the biggest fan of @tomdelonge since I literally first started listening to music. Whether it was AVA blink or box car, his songs were my first lyrics I memorized and sang word for word. So lucky to work with him.”

Just as The Chainsmokers have done with their previous two albums, this more or less confirms a new body of work under Illenium and his new label, 12Tone. Whether it’s an EP or album (let’s be real, it’s probably an album) isn’t entirely clear, but you can be sure that something is on its way for 2021.

Check out “Paper Thin” from Illenium and Tom DeLonge below!

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