Ideas for a Luxurious Social get-together as soon as Lockdown rules are eased

With the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic still dominating after a year and the national lockdown having already swallowed up the first quarter of 2021, many of us are craving a return to life as we once knew it. And, as we make our way through the roadmap that is designed to take us several steps closer to that, the prospect of a social occasion now feels more appealing than ever. If you’ve forgotten quite what it feels like to get dressed up to the nines for a lavish evening out then you’re certainly not alone – but with champagne bars, Michelin-starred restaurants and cocktail nights all soon to be back on the cards, you might be wondering how you can squeeze them all in.

Not only that, but with the return of social mixing, we will once again be able to open up our beautiful abodes to friends and family for dinner parties, garden get-togethers and opulent celebrations – and while you might be growing tired of spending quite so much time isolated from the outside world at home, doing so in a social sense holds a different kind of appeal and heralds a welcome return to the life we didn’t realise how much we loved. From big nights out to cosy nights in, we’ve pulled together our top picks for a luxurious social get-together as soon as lockdown rules are eased. The only challenge left to face is deciding which to do first.

A lavish home casino night

If you’re still not feeling the idea of crowded clubs and bars but are still eager to mingle with friends for the first time in a while, then throwing a lavish evening soiree for a select few could be just the right way to go. And what better way to up the glamour factor than making it a black tie casino night, complete with champagne, canapes and a few of your favourite casino games?

The games of real money casinos online are a great place to start, bringing everything from Roulette and Blackjack to Texas Hold’em into your living room. You can also set up some real life games, but keep the emphasis on mixing and mingling to maintain the right vibe. With this in mind, it’s best to opt for shorter games – Poker, for example, can often be time consuming and ultimately end up putting a dampener on the atmosphere. Stock the bar cart with drinks and a shaker so that guests can mix up their own cocktails – or better yet, set up a bar in your home and bring in a professional mixologist for the evening, as well as waiting staff to offer trays of lavish bite-sized snacks throughout the evening.

A private luxury club night

With a fully stocked bar, bright lights, a DJ firing off a few choice tracks through stacked speakers, and everyone mingling and having a good time, nothing compares to a top-class club experience.

Whether you prefer to hire out a VIP booth or an entire venue, champagne and canapes are essential, there are few better ways to celebrate the end of lockdown in style, bringing together friends and acquaintances for what could quite easily go down as the party of the year. The key here is to opt for sophistication, with laid-back beats and a relaxed atmosphere that everyone will love. A private luxury club night is the perfect excuse to get dressed up to the nines, and to demand the same standards of your guests. Not that they’ll need much convincing after months of relegating their favourite designer outfits to the back of the wardrobe – and from show-stopping dresses and heels to sharp suits, it’s a guaranteed way to elevate the entire evening.

A summer garden party

As we head into spring, we are already starting to see an increase in warmer, sunnier weather – and if you’ve spent the lockdown sprucing up your garden and can’t wait to show it off, then post-lockdown is the perfect time.

To keep things chic and sophisticated, start early with a quintessentially British afternoon tea and get out your best china for the occasion. Serving up a variety of teas and a selection of home-baked cakes (Victoria sponge is always a favourite) amongst the bright summer blooms of your perfectly landscaped garden is bound to go down a treat. If you’re keen to keep things going into the evening, then create the perfect day-to-night set-up by hiring in a band and a marquee. Have them play some fun yet laid-back songs through the afternoon before switching up the vibe to some cool beats in the evening, then get the drinks trolley out and serve up a lavish buffet after dark for those who want to stay and dance.

A yacht party

If you just so happen to own your own private yacht, then an on-board party is the perfect choice for a warm summer’s evening. Keep the guest list exclusive and bring in a team of staff to ensure that the evening runs smoothly, leaving you free to relax and enjoy the fun – a mixologist, waiting staff, and cleaning staff will ensure that the whole line-up goes without a hitch. Booking a big-name DJ for the evening is certain to up the excitement and create a buzz in the lead-up to the event.

If you don’t have your own yacht, hiring one out is the next best thing. And, once travel restrictions have been lifted, you could even consider throwing your party on location somewhere warmer – Monaco, St. Tropez or just about anywhere else on the French Cote d’Azur would be a great choice. With just a few weeks to go until lockdown measures gradually begin to ease, there’s never been a better time to start planning a luxurious celebration with family and friends. While guest numbers may remain limited and masks could still be a factor you’ll need to consider, spending time with loved ones and having fun have never been more pertinent – so get set to make the most of the summer months in style.