Ice Spice’s Makeup Transformation: Natural and Glamorous Captures

Ice Spice, the sensational celebrity who stole the spotlight in 2022 with her unexpected hit “Munch (Feelin’ U),” has been a constant topic of conversation throughout the year. Her rollercoaster journey reached new heights when she collaborated with Taylor Swift on the single ‘Karma.’

Beyond her musical prowess, Ice Spice’s distinctive and relaxed rapping style, coupled with her now-iconic flame-haired pixie cut, has contributed to her becoming a noteworthy figure in the entertainment industry.

In the whirlwind of her rise to fame, Ice Spice has not only captivated audiences with her musical talents but has also become a fashion icon. The spotlight on her extends beyond her music to her unique style choices. The following images showcase Ice Spice both with and without makeup, offering a glimpse into her natural beauty compared to her signature look.

The makeup-free photo of Ice Spice captures a moment sans cosmetics. Although the exact date of the picture is unclear, it seems to feature the rapper in the same pink wig she shared in a series of images back in 2021. Shared by the @DailyLoud account on X (formerly Twitter), this image has garnered over 100,000 likes, gaining significant traction in the current year. Despite the ambiguity surrounding the post’s timing, it is likely a snapshot from a few years ago, considering Ice Spice’s emergence onto the scene in late 2022.

Conversely, the image above showcases Ice Spice adorned with makeup, showcasing her typical style. The musician often complements her renowned ginger ringlets with orange eyeshadow. However, she is known to switch it up on occasion, as seen when she sported pink eyeshadow in celebration of the Barbie movie, making headlines with her fashion-forward choices.

Ice Spice’s makeup artist, Karina Milan, revealed that the rapper favors about-face’s Matte Fluid Eye Paint. Milan, sharing insights on Instagram, disclosed that this pigmented saturated liquid eye color comes in various shades, including Ice Spice’s preferred orange look. Notably, the shade ‘On Pointe’ in pink has also secured its place as one of Ice Spice’s favorites, showcasing her versatility in the world of beauty and style.