Ian Munro’s ‘Rush’ with Still Haze receives an experimental new touch

It’s been awhile since experimental trap producer, Shöckface has inverted an Ian Munro record. The first time in 2018, Shöckface inverted the record ‘I Dont Need You’ featuring Cultra, a collaboration between Ian Munro and Yvng Jalapeño. Entering into the new decade Shöckface is back gifting listeners with a free download to Ian Munro’s ‘Rush’ featuring Still Haze.

Shöckface takes the ever evocative vocals of singer songwriter Still Haze and perfectly weaves them around a sentimental yet dark soundscape in the introduction. As the record builds perfect chaos is heard in the rumbling synths and rugged baseline only to be paired with Still Haze’s voice. The record wouldn’t be a Shöckface Inversion without hearing the artists signature vocal chops giving the song its experimental flare. ‘Rush’ foreshadows the type of dark eclectic and wonky music that Shöckface is bound to release all throughout the new year. Check it out below!

Stream ‘Rush (Shöckface Inversion)’ below. Grab a [Free Download] here.