HVDES & Hopsteady Drop New Flip Of Bring Me The Horizon’s “Drown”

Bring Me The Horizon released their single “Drown” in 2014, eventually included on their 2015 album That’s The Spirit. Now, half a decade later, HVDES and Hopsteady breathe new life into the BMTH classic with a heavy and dark electro twist. Vocals unaltered, it’s down to the new production to flip this one on its head. A modified melody borne out of the original’s keeps the song grounded in its roots, all the while, distorted, heavy drums bring something new to the table. Even in the bridge, Oliver Sykes’ vocals are left alone and only lifted up by a new arrangement.

The final drop of the flip is where HVDES and Hopsteady really flex, turning up the distortion and modulation in the synths and bass, phasing out more of Sykes’ vocals in place of thunderous drums and a variety of effects.

Listen below and get the flip here!