HVDES Drops New Kannibalen EP, ‘Stand Alone Complex’

One of the 2018 Artists to Watch, HVDES has been pushing herself to the limits to find her place in this crazy musical world and it seems like she’s finally settled on something spectacular with her new Stand Alone Complex EP, out now on Kannibalen.

Stand Alone Complex takes great influence from Japanese culture, specifically anything Ghost In The Shell related. The opening chords in “Akuma” are taken from the movie OST, giving an immediate idea of what to expect for the project. Each of the tracks, in their own way, evoke a glitchy dystopian future where robots are more common than humans.

It’s impressive that even in just three tracks, HVDES can develop such a prevalent theme throughout the EP. “Akuma” meaning “demon,” followed by “Ghost.exe,” and finally “Human” present a surprisingly detailed journey throughout the concept, and the production is the perfect narrator for the story.

If you haven’t checked out HVDES’ new EP already, now’s the time to do so. Listen below.