Hudson Mohawke Just dropped his third album since the beginning of August “Airborne Lead”

Enigmatic producer that he is, 2020 has been a banner year for Hudson Mohawke. In a year that has produced more challenges for the average person than an entire lifetime, HudMo’s output has been higher than ever before. He just dropped his third album since the beginning of August, Airborne Lead, bringing the total output of tracks to 40. This latest project will be the final in a trilogy of releases from one of the great beatmakers of our generation, a collection of archival releases from years and years in the vault. Thirteen new songs out yesterday, measuring 36 minutes of sonic bliss and contemplation.

Ranging from just barely over a minute to just hitting five, the tracks found in Airborne Lead are brilliantly experimental and gloriously special. From the big band vibes in “Cypress Phil” to trip hop vibes in the brief “Bloody Marshmallow” to the epically weird sounds of “Hooker In A Cardboard Box,” Hudson Mohawke does it all. “It’s been one of the slight silver linings of lockdown, getting to spend more time (in the studio) than I would normally,” HudMo told DJ Mag.

Check out the new release below!