Hudson Mohawke Drops 14-Track Album Of Unreleased Gems

Hudson Mohawke just blasted back onto the scene with a new album of unreleased music. The elusive producer reunited with Lunice last year for a new TNGHT album, but this is his first solo album since Lantern in 2015. HudMo has actually been fairly active in 2020, releasing three singles so far: “BENT,” “Love Minus Zero,” and “Black Cherry,” none of which are found on this record. As he wrote yesterday before the album’s release, “Back at start of lockdown I decided I was gona release some music of mine that I’d just rediscovered, after thinking it was lost, n some that had appeared in radio rips / reddit / youtube etc that I continually get asked for but has never been available officially.”

— Hudson Mohawke (@HudMo) August 4, 2020

The 14-track album is filled with absolute gems that were never released for one reason or another. Every one of them is bubbly with enigmatic energy and carefully composed motifs in mind, a pillar of his productions. As a friend told me after listening to the album, “his throwaway stuff is better than most people’s regular releases.” That isn’t to say his style is for everyone. It’s heavily influenced by trip hop and can often go wildly off the rails in terms of sound design or even pacing within the track. But it’s art, like any other piece of music, and his fans live and die by his intricate weaving of sounds and effects.

You can listen to B.B.H.E. by Hudson Mohawke below now.