Huda Beauty Rich Glow Obsessions Mini Face Palette


Huda Beauty Rich Mini Glow Obsessions Face Palette includes four shimmery shades of different takes on copper–they were more similar than they needed to be! The texture of the formula was where the palette fell short; it was firmer, denser, and thicker overall, which made it harder to pick up product evenly with a brush. In order to do so, I typically had to use my brush to push upward or jab a little to get product to loosen off of the surface in order to pick up with an already denser, more flat-topped brush. Once I loosened product, it was fairly blendable and not difficult to apply/blend out on my skin, thankfully.

Rich #1

Rich #1 is a medium copper with warm, reddish undertones with lighter, more orange shimmer and larger flecks of sparkle. It had a moderately metallic finish on skin that built up in its glow intensity with additional layers. The texture was dense to the point where it was more firmly-pressed into the pan and harder to pick up product evenly. As long as I was able to get product onto my brush, the product itself applied evenly and blended out without difficult. It lasted well for eight hours on me before fading visibly.

Rich #2

Rich #2 is a medium, reddish-copper with moderate, warm undertones and a high-shine, metallic finish. It had opaque color coverage with a moderately dense, cream-like texture that was a bit firmer, but it picked up without too much difficulty onto a moderately-dense blush brush. The powder applied evenly to bare skin and blended out well without emphasizing skin texture. It stayed on nicely for eight hours before fading a bit.

Rich #3

Rich #3 is a soft, coppery-brown with warm undertones and a pearly sheen. It appeared browner in the pan than when actually swatched. The texture was moderately firm in the pan, which made it harder to pick up evenly with a brush, so it required really swirling and pushing at the powder to dislodge product. It had opaque color coverage once loosened from the surface of the pan. This shade wore decently for eight hours before showing signs of fading.

Rich #4

Rich #4 is a rich, deep bronze with warm, red undertones and lighter, copper shimmer throughout. It had a very high-shine, metallic finish that emphasized my skin texture somewhat, even when worn at more moderate coverage. It was richly pigmented with a cream-like texture, though it was ultimately a powder, as it was a little thicker and denser overall. You’ll need a heavier hand and denser, more flat-topped brush to pick up product evenly as it was more firmly-pressed into the pan. It lasted well for eight hours before fading visibly.