HUCCI Recent Single, “Jericho”

Trap Music. Two words that carry massive significance within the dance community and this publication for that matter. Hucci. One word that also never fails to strike a chord with us and listeners. Without a doubt being one of the household names that sprung out of the instrumental hip-hop movement in the early 2010s, Hucci is one of the few artists of this generation that has seen his sound arrive into a realm of its own. Initially bursting into stardom in 2013 with hits like ‘Ball So Hard’ with fellow trap super duo Stooki Sound and ‘Hustle’, both receiving a combined 10 million streams on Spotify alone, Hucci has continued down the path of musical evolution beautifully. With his more recent releases doubling down on his hip-hop-centric production, centered around flawless percussion, booming 808s, and infinitely creative sample selection, Hucci looks to create a new future for his project moving into the next decade. If ‘Jericho’ is any indication, we sure are in for a treat.

Right out the gate, the tone is set with these drawn-out synths that serve as the main driving force of the melody throughout the intro, before slowly being joined by a myriad of other elements that begin to fill out the record. Soon after, a classic string section takes hold of the record right before this supersonic 808s begin levitating this track to new heights. Soon after, the full percussive arsenal of Hucci makes itself fully known with drum fills galore. If you haven’t already, dust off those trap arms and start streaming this masterpiece below!