How To Wear Sweater Vests In The Fall

The sweater vest crept up on us, took a seat in our wardrobes, and even poured itself a bottle of wine. But do you know what? We’re not setting the alarm because we don’t care. After all, after years in the shadows, sweater vests are back in style, and we’re definitely experimenting with new and innovative ways to wear them. Surely, any fashionista would do that, right? This is a great item to layer with your transitional wardrobe staples.

(Trans-seasonal refers to days that occur throughout the year that are neither summer nor winter. Those days when the weather attempts to play a practical joke on us). Consider shirts, scarves, jeans, skirts, and so forth. There are several trendy ways to wear sweater vests, which is a welcome change from the basic approach this garment has historically taken. If you don’t already have them, start getting them today or raid your grandfather’s wardrobe.

Check Out These Effortlessly Stylish Sweater Vest Outfit Ideas

Vests x Shirt Dress

Layering sweater vests on top of an oversized shirt dress creates an effortlessly elegant look that even Grandpa would approve of! This outfit’s slayage is something that everyone will notice and agree on. I’m sure someone has already pinned this outfit for their autumn wardrobe, but you may be the first to rock it.

Nothing But Your Vests On

We all know that this is the ideal layering item. Wear it alone for a less predictable look. It’s currently known as the shest (shirt + vest) trend. Whether you think the name is brilliant or not, it flatters the majority of people, including you. Wear with wide-leg jeans or a skater skirt since it’s perfect for a warm day. Go ahead and try it.

Explore Colors

When it comes to creating a distinctive style, colors might sometimes be all you need. Interestingly, this fall has seen a plethora of primary hues (as well as a few secondary ones). That is to say, you can wear your favorite color sweater and be just fine. Colorful sweater vests look great with a throwback vibe; such a fun outfit!

Oversized Sweater Vests

The solution is to get a vest that is one or two sizes larger. When belted, these airy alternatives assist to tighten the waist. Also, it may be worn in all its gigantic grandeur. This is unquestionably a terrific technique to wear sweater vests in a way that draws all attention to yourself.

Elevate With Accessories

The correct accessories can transform an ordinary outfit into a red carpet-worthy ensemble in an instant. Throwing on statement accessories to instantly elevate your look is one of the hottest ways to wear sweater vests.

Featured image: @samiraradmehr | Instagram