How to use recreational MDMA safely, straight from a psychotherapist

Dr Ben Sessa, MD’s bio on Twitter describes him as an addictions psychiatrist, MDMA psychotherapist, psychedelic researcher and writer; his website goes into even greater detail the work he’s done in all of these fields and the expertise he’s developed. What I’m getting at is this guy is the real deal.

Last week, Dr Sessa tweeted about the difference between post-festival blues (associated with MDMA use, specifically) and the absence of any noticeable comedown after medical MDMA. He states that using MDMA in conjunction with other substances as well as lack of sleep and excessive exercise are generally what lead to the day-after comedowns.

Blue Monday? Suicide Wednesday? Or whatever ravers are calling it these days…

We don’t see this with clinical MDMA. No post-dosing mood drop in the 7-days after medical MDMA.

It’s an artefact of sleep loss, excessive exercise and concomitant drug use

We see an afterglow😊

— Dr Ben Sessa MD (@DrSessa) September 22, 2019

While this tweet had its own, discrete purpose, it led into a greater discussion in the replies about how to dose when you do use MDMA in a recreational setting.

According to Dr Sessa, the method that “gives optimal positive mood effects” and is “also safer” is to halve your dose every two hours. Keeping a sustained high dose will “flood the 5-HT 1a & 1b receptors” and he says you might as well just drink coffee at that point.

Best dosing recreationally:

T=0: 125mg
T+2 hours: 60mg
T+4 hours: 30mg
T+6 hours: 15mg
T+8 hours: get cab home

Gives optimal positive mood effects & also safer; with reduced temp & BP risks.
People who understand MDMA know:
a) Never start >125mg
b) Halve dose every 2 hours

— Dr Ben Sessa MD (@DrSessa) September 22, 2019

No sense in taking >125mg. You flood the 5-HT 1a & 1b receptors and just get an increasingly wired stimulation. May as well drink coffee.

Start at 125mg and halve every 2 hours. Much safer (lower temps and BP) & a much better sustained euphoric buzz.

With MDMA, less is more.

— Dr Ben Sessa MD (@DrSessa) September 25, 2019

Follow these tips, and you might just go into the next day feeling refreshed and energized instead of feeling like you’re at death’s door. Of course these are just the recommendations from one physician and everyone’s body is different, so do not take these dosage suggestions as gospel. Additionally, the purity of any one individual’s MDMA will also vary, and should be taken into account.

However, halving the doses every two hours is still an effective method of making sure you have a good night’s rest after all is said and done.