How To Tell If Your Online Date Is A Waste Of Time

Everything can now be delivered to our doorsteps because we live in the digital age. Food, clothes, gadgets, and, believe it or not, love. This mode of delivery is available in our day and age, and it is not necessarily a bad thing. Over the last few years, a slew of couples have written an enviable love story based on the phrase “started from the DM, now we’re here.” There is, however, always a flip side to every story. While many people have found genuine love online, there are also a lot of time wasters with a slew of ulterior motives that may not be in your favor.

There is a connection if someone is on the same page as you, and if something does not add up, the human instinct is often excellent at detecting it as well. Simply put, if you’re surfing the web to see if your online date is interested in you, that’s the first sign that something isn’t quite right in your relationship. Also, keep in mind that you could be wrong, but this information is worth learning if you want inner peace and security in your relationship.

Check Out These Indicators To See If Your Online Date Is Interested In You

They Are Behaving Suspiciously

Does it appear that your online date has a life that they are unwilling to share with you? Jake’s calls are never answered on the first ring by Bella. She either picks up after several attempts or calls back at her leisure. Her voice sometimes echoes, as if she snuck into the bathroom to talk to him. If they’ve made a habit of this sneaky behavior, it might be time to bring it up with your online date before jumping to conclusions. There could be a good reason, or there could not.

They’re All About Themselves

Your online date isn’t interested in you if he or she is too preoccupied with himself or herself and doesn’t ask you questions about yourself. They might even mix up your name now and then. Consider being called a different name when your name looks nice on your profile and requires little effort. Also, if you’re struggling to keep the conversation going half the time, that’s a red flag. Allow a few days without initiating a conversation to see if (s)he bothers to reach out.

They Are Constantly Preoccupied

Photo: Ketut Subiyanto/Pexels

The truth is that we are all adults with functioning lives both inside and outside of the internet. Yes, some people have busier schedules than others, but even the busiest people prioritize in order to be more productive. “ Oh, I’ll see what I can do later this week. My calendar is pretty full. Hello, and thank you for calling again. I apologize for not returning your calls; I am extremely busy right now. “Can we discuss this later?” If this is a common occurrence in which you feel exhausted from trying to keep up, take a deep breath. Rethink. Pause. Rest.

Their Signals Are Perplexing

This group is the absolute worst. They know exactly what to say, how to flirt with you, and how to lead you on. This sounds fantastic, but there has been no progress. They aren’t organizing meetups, they go missing on occasion, and it’s been a year of snafus. If it’s just good vibes and late-night chit-chat, it might be time to ask them what they want. Even better, tell them what you want from a relationship. If your requirements do not match, it is time to move on.

Your Online Date Is Uninterested If They Consistently Jeopardize Meeting Plans

This is a very obvious sign, but when we’re in too deep, denial appears to be a safe haven. Trust is essential in any relationship, but if your online date is constantly making excuses to avoid a physical meeting, it’s time to look through the lens of logic. Hannah had sent Patrick’s flight fare on numerous occasions, but he never ran out of creative reasons why he couldn’t show up. He eventually unfollowed her and blocked her on social media. This is one of a million con artists who date for personal gain. Another reason to exercise caution when it comes to online dating.

There is no stronger emotion than love, and we all long for the rush of loving and being loved in return. This should not make us immune to emotional and/or financial fraudsters who prey on our vulnerability and openness for personal gain. Also, if you discover that your online date isn’t interested in you, resist the urge to become cold and unwilling to open your heart to cupid again. When you love, you never lose anything, whether it’s the right or wrong person—only lessons learned.

Featured image: Andrea Piacquadio | Pexels