How to Take Better Product Photos for Instagram

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Tips for Better Product Photography

Tired of below par product photos? Are you looking to up your product photography video game? Want to develop better photos for your Instagram page? The great news is that you do not have to be an expert photographer to take amazing images! Here are some fundamental pointers to make your product photos stand apart.

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Use Natural Lighting

This is most likely the most crucial suggestion of all. The very first thing any specialist will inform you is that lighting is the secret to a great shot, and natural lighting is the very best (and most inexpensive) method to enhance the quality of an image. Try to include as much sunlight to your photos as possible. Open a couple of windows. You’ll get your most gorgeous work of arts outside in the early morning or early night. Mid- day (when the sun is straight above you) isn’t the very best time to take photos, since you’ll have a great deal of shadows to handle. If you have to take photos at that time, appearance for a high structure, tree or other structure that casts a shadow.

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Add Depth To Your Pics

An image that does not have a sense of depth to it can look really uninteresting. When you are doing picture still-shots, Have a couple of items in front of your topic. If you’re taking a selfie, then attempt to get some intriguing colors in the background. When it comes to photography, Depth of field (or having a semi-blurred out background) is your good friend. You can get this appearance with a macro lens or attempt Portrait Mode on your iPhone.

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Quit Over- exposing Your Images!

I can’t worry this sufficient. Don’ t over-expose your photos or you’ll lose all your colors, shapes, and shadows. There are great deals of apps (VSCO, Face Tune, Enlight, etc) you can utilize to ensure your art has the ideal balance of color too. The last thing you desire is an image that appears like it was caught on a flip-phone. This is what separates the great product shots from the bad ones.

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Use a DSLR Camera or Edit with an App

You ought to truly think about utilizing a DSLR video camera for taking your product shots. Smart phones have actually come a long method, however you’ll constantly improve photos with a DSLR. If your spending plan does not enable, never ever fear! A little modifying can go a long method. Start with a clear, crisp image taken in daytime. Then, utilize among the numerous programs (Photoshop, LightRoom, or a few of the phone apps pointed out above) that will assist enhance your media for the most expert appearance. You can get apps that stabilize sharpness, enhance color, mix sharp edges, and remedy your photos.

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Try Adding Props

Instead of simply an image of a product by itself, include some props! Try organizing flatlays (AKA product photos drawn from above) with things like: flowers (dried and fresh), precious jewelry, sunglasses, gems, earphones, note pad and style, art and pen books, publications, candle lights, fruit and other food, coffee/tea … truthfully the choices are unlimited! Another technique is to take an image through a plan of flowers, so the image remains in focus however the flowers are blurred (see example above). Bonus suggestion: If you’re taking an image of yourself, get a beverage, bag, hat or headscarf, or put your arm around a good friend to make yourself look more natural and less presented.

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Use A Tripod

You do not HAVE to have a tripod to hold your video camera or phone, however it will certainly enhance your outcomes. If that’s not an alternative for you, then you can constantly pretend that you’re the tripod. Prop your elbows on a surface area (or perhaps attempt resting on the flooring), and be as still as you can. You’ll get shots that look more crisp and focused.

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Clean Your Lens

If you’re utilizing a DSLR video camera, then you currently understand how crucial this is. If you take photos with your mobile phone, then you may not observe. Go grab yourself a little microfiber fabric. When you understand you’re going to be snapping a lot of photos, Take it with you. Keep your lens tidy for crisper images.

Now Go Take Some Awesome Product Photos!

Put all of these excellent product photography pointers to great usage! You’ll be impressed at how making a couple of little modifications will truly get individuals talking. It may even get you some brand-new Instagram fans.