How to Successfully Wear Denim to Work

We might be partial to a power pantsuit (especially if it’s in a rich jewel tone), but we are still very appreciative of offices with more casual dress codes that permit denim and jeans. A relaxed dress code means more creativity and making use of the ample denim pieces in our closets. As with anything at work, there are still limitations. And knowing them is key — unless we want to end up in an emergency HR meeting to explain our choice. Even if denim is OK at the office, the outfit must still be professional.

Embellished jeans, shredded styles and 80s-approved acid-wash jeans might be trending, but they’re risky styles even for creative offices. To master work-appropriate denim, it’s best to stick with classic shapes in uniform washes with crisp hems. Save oversized styles and uneven hems for the weekend. Another word of advice: Don’t limit yourself to jeans. A crisp chambray button-down, denim dress or even a demure denim skirt could be suitable for the workweek with the right styling. No matter what style you pick, just remember that HR rules still trump style. We don’t want to see anyone get in trouble for violating the dress code in the name of fashion.

Images: Imaxtree