How To Sell A Luxury Home

Planning on upgrading to a new luxury home in 2021? Browsing for your next new purchase is all part of the fun, but one element of the process that often isn’t so enjoyable is selling your current abode. The selling of luxury homes presents a unique challenge, with a narrower pool of prospective buyers to appeal to and often, some specialised amenities that require an excellent marketing strategy in order to show them off to their full advantage. Even so, with a few simple tips, you can make a quick and relatively-stress free sale on your home, and better yet, get the asking price straight off the bat. No need to worry about those endless viewings and keeping your living space looking impeccable at all times – leaving you free to concentrate on the enjoyable part of moving even sooner.

Know what you’re up against

Luxury properties are often priced in the millions, and spend almost twice as long on the market, on average, as their mid-priced counterparts. Even so, the exclusivity of this market can work in your favour if you play your cards right.

Remember to sell not just the home, but the lifestyle too – a luxury car parked outside and exotic holiday snaps around the home can give buyers a glimpse of the lifestyle they should expect when living here. The majority of luxury home buyers know exactly what they are looking for within their price range and are not willing to compromise, because they know that at some point, they will find the whole package – so selling to them often requires being as specific as possible. Knowing exactly who your target customer is and helping them to envisage how living in your home could work for them is crucial to a quick sale, and the best way to achieve the desired result.

Mend and make new

When you’re looking to upgrade to a brand new luxury home, often, the last thing on your mind is taking the time to do some maintenance on the one you already live in. But when it comes to selling properties with high price tags, you can be certain that your prospective buyers will be looking out for the little things, and any lack of attention to detail could cost you in the long-run. A home that isn’t properly looked after will quickly show, and could easily put viewers off putting in an offer, so take some time to review the current state of each room and consider what you might need to do before putting your home on the market.

The good news is that you can sort a lot of the smaller issues out yourself. Changing light bulbs is a must before any viewing in order to cast your home in the best possible light, while sanding and painting wooden doors and investing in a Vax to thoroughly clean your carpet are small things that can make a big difference. For cracked or broken metal fixtures and fittings, a good quality metal glue is usually enough to rectify the situation – although if the damage is too obvious then you may want to make a few replacements. Tighten up any loose door handles, fill any small holes in the wall or floor, and make use of accessories to accentuate the most appealing qualities of your home.

For a quick and satisfactory sale, working with an agent who is experienced in the luxury space is essential

Work with an experienced agent

For a quick and satisfactory sale, working with an agent who is experienced in the luxury space is essential. Affluent home buyers are a particular type of customer, and you’ll need an agent who knows exactly how to cater to their needs and appeal to their desires for their new property.

Such buyers – and sellers, as you may well know – expect white glove service, and failure to deliver it could ultimately cost you the sale.

Quality photos which ensure good lighting will be essential to attracting prospective buyers for viewings, and an experienced luxury estate agent will know just the right marketing channels to use to get your property noticed, and will point out and highlight some of the key features that will ensure you are offered a fair price. Clean lines, Art Deco architecture, jacuzzi baths and great views, for example, can all make a huge difference when it comes to perceived value, so it is important that you have a reliable agent on hand to draw attention to the things that someone less experienced might miss. They’ll also know how to effectively manage the relationship after each viewing and ultimately, close the deal – getting you a lucrative sale and leaving you free to move forward more quickly.

Take some time to review the current state of your interiors and exteriors and consider what you might need to do before putting your home on the market

Sell the lifestyle

Parking a luxury car in the driveway and placing photos of your greatest adventures strategically around the home will help to sell not just the home, but the lifestyle that comes with it, too. If prospective viewers can picture themselves living in a property and get a glimpse of what life could be like for them if they did, they are much more likely to want to seal the deal. It’s also wise to make your agent aware of the positives you have enjoyed from living in the area, so that they can effectively make a case for your home. Attaching emotion to the offer is a sure-fire way to appeal to viewers’ desires and has been known to shift some luxury homes overnight.

The bottom line

By investing your money in the right agent and taking time for home maintenance, you can swiftly make a sale on your luxury home. With a few simple steps, you’ll soon be moving into your opulent new abode, and ready to enjoy a fully upgraded lifestyle in 2021 and beyond.