How to make the most of it: Holiday Edition

The second time my body switches on and goes into * * vacances * ~ mode, on December 1st, there is nothing left but glitter, sugar , a joyous drama and an unconditional spirit. Everything I do is in the name of seasonal happiness and is inspired by twinkling lights, sweet treats, shiny gift wrap and sparkling drinks. The possibilities of excess are overwhelming! Nowadays, I get out of bed and I slip even harder into Mariah Carey's Christmas album. And you can too!

Define your intentions

During the holidays, I enjoy watching, feeling and maybe above all … feeling the part. My favorite ritual is to take a decadent honey bath to turn me into a sophisticated caramel pastry, but if possible more attractive (?). To trap the intoxicating scent, a rich and luxurious body oil does its best. This layer focuses on locking in the layers of butter in the sugar bath with a smell of Palo Santo – for sniffing but also for the golden limbs both soft and shiny.

Add bling hair

As for the hair, I like to spend more time drying out things in an icy silk, then adding some glittering trinkets to the mix. This season is always reinvigorating my love for hair accessories, dusting old things and discovering something new. I love a spit moment of metallic gold hair for a messy bun! And by clutter, I mean, a carefully crafted and structured chingon with textured vaporous pieces of intentionally dry shampoo.

Festive Face Beat

The next part is the BEST! I love getting to my makeup table with a dirty chai tea latte with sparkling almond milk, two injections, for focus and laser focus. More importantly, when I make a glitter, I like that my skin is fresh and light, not too "cooked". I apply commodities, but I mainly focus on a concealer (Nars Radiant Creamy) and a very good cream blush (Lilah B Be Lovely) that gives you that … "sunburn" glow. Is it horrible to say? Too late.

From there, I feel safe to begin the process of flourishing in great shape. The glue will be a pearly and silky base on the eyes; the Sisley phyto-eye strainer is therefore the first step (in soft layers). I'm exclusively putting on my fingers these days (that is, an attempt at cooling down), so I start by swirling my ring finger into thick sequins until I have one. good quantity. Marc Jacobs is supreme. Transfer to your eye using the "press and push" method: the more you press glitter in an area, the more comfortable the role of the eye is. Depending on the route taken by my glittering eye, I balance my lips accordingly. Iced silver eye + red lip, cold blue eye + pink lip, bronze eye + bright clear lip.

If I am nervous, I will make my eye a black charcoal pencil between the top and bottom and wipe the windshield until the desired veil is resurrected. from the ghost of my 16-year-old anxiety. Add over 100 layers of Nars Climax mascara if you like eyelashes that could cut glass and flirt effortlessly without ever making eye contact. Look in the mirror, wink at yourself and add 2 to 5 additional layers of glitter, to taste.

Nail candy

The best part of what I do with my own fingernails is to have total creative freedom to channel my holiday demons. > 🙂 I like to use a vitamin-rich nail base like Nail Kale to create a fresh base again. For the maximalist in me, I use a thick disco ball flake that screams "Pinot Noir – Caviar!". For the chic and more thoughtful version, I use something iridescent that lightly captures light and an eye when you wear a martini to your mouth. For something in between: a shade of cool blue is visually appealing, universally enthusiastic for your audience and always receives compliments. Choose your poison!

The grand finale

Now that I flicker so hard that you could see me in space, I close my eyes, I see myself standing under the mistletoe and perfume mist Jo Malone Mimosa Cardamom on my neck. This angelic and intoxicating scent is the greatest winter fragrance of all time according to my opinion on perfumes. A few bursts of it and suddenly I feel like a warm, but not sweet, sweet hug from Sofia Vergara drooling.

I wish everyone a zen, a boujee and a relaxing holiday! Embrace babies and soak up the magic.


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