How To Make Mannish Tailoring Work In The Real World

Oversized silhouettes are definitely nothing new. Just look at all the baggy jeans and slouchy suiting out there. But now mannish tailoring is taking over the streets. Stars like Kendall Jenner and Rosie Huntington-Whiteley were spotted flaunting outsize khakis and white button-downs. It’s important to recognize that oversized doesn’t equal sloppy. Well, when it’s done right. You want your ensemble to read polished yet laid-back. It’s a comfy way to bridge the gap between your relaxed work-from-home gear and dressing to the nines. You don’t have to stick with white shirts and tan pants to get the look, however. Because the options are absolutely endless. Try sporting a partially buttoned top with a pair of cargo pants. Or rock a bra top under a striped suit. Scroll down to see how to make mannish tailoring work in the real world.

Kendall Jenner teams a white tee, an open white button-down and khakis. The look looks pulled together thanks to that black belt and coordinating sandals. Image: Gotham/GC Images/Getty Images

Ease into the trend with slightly roomy trousers. Add a pop of color by working a striped shirt into your borrowed-from-the-boys ensemble. Image: Imaxtree

A classic polo usually screams preppy. But you can make it less stiff by combining yours with a slouchy tan suit. Image: Imaxtree

Rather than leaving a few buttons open up top, leave a few undone at the bottom of an oversized striped button-down. It’s a great way to show off high-waisted pants. Image: Imaxtree

A sleek vest adds some structure to flowing layers, like a white tee and roomy pleated trousers. Image: Imaxtree

The combo of a tomboy pinstripe suit and box-fresh sneakers gets a sexy finish courtesy of a bold bra top. Image: Imaxtree

Streamline your favorite white button-down by adding a necklace under the collar. Leave the bottom buttons open to properly showcase the khakis. Quilted footwear FTW. Image: Imaxtree

You don’t have to opt for excessively baggy tops. Try tucking an ample neutral shirt into a pair of pleated pants. Slip on a pair of dad sandals to complete the outfit. Image: Imaxtree

When things heat up, ditch that white button-down for a white tank. Secure your baggy slacks with a belt and wrap up the look with flip flops. Image: Imaxtree

Half tuck a spacious shirt into a micro mini. Round out the look with a cool hat and ankle-strap sandals. Image: Imaxtree

Tucking in a button-down and a tee helps rein in roomy layers. Strappy sandals up the ante. Image: Imaxtree