How To Keep Your Kids Occupied While They’re At Home For The Holidays

It’s the holidays again and the kids are back home. One moment, we could take a ‘break’ while there’re in school, the next, we are locked in with them 24/7 at home. Of course, these bundles of joy are such a delight to be around, but  they can equally be a handful. We agree that your kids have so much energy you don’t know what to do with it, especially now they’re at home. Rather than try to match them energy-wise, why not get creative with ways to keep your kids entertained? Considering that children have a short attention span and are always hyper, it’s helpful to learn entertaining ways to match their energy.

Although this may seem daunting, it’s not quite. As long as you know the right things to get and keep their attention, they would give you enough rest. Focus on your me-time, rest easy, and these tips will definitely keep them occupied. Check out how to keep your kids occupied while they’re at home for the holidays.

Tales By Moonlight

Photo: Artem Podrez | Pexels

Back in the day, our parents would tell us tales at night. This not only heightened our sense of wonder, but also played with our imaginations. It was such a beautiful and unforgettable experience. Try gathering your children together outside the compound at night or in the living room and tell them short but fun stories. Folklores are always a preference, but you can do bible stories as well. These memories will be cherished in future and will presently keep your kids entertained.

Read A Book Out Loud To Them

You could decide to read different books to them or repeat the same book countless times, what matters is that they enjoy themselves. When dealing with toddlers, choose books where you have to make sounds while reading. This keeps their minds fixed without getting bored.

Play Games With Them

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In this era of technology, kids would rather YouTube than play games like Ludo, Whot, and even Scrabble. But don’t let this deter you. Keep their devices aside and try out entertaining family games. Who knows, you could show them what they’ve been missing.

Entertaining Video Streaming

YouTube videos might just be all you need to bring that extra fussy kid to rest. There are numerous children shows to pick from on YouTube, search out one and keep their gaze on it while you try to work or rest. This will keep them from jumping all over the place (your body inclusive) and you can finally hear your own thoughts.

Encourage Them To Play By Themselves

Photo: Artem Podrez | Pexels

Being home day after day starts to get boring and you soon run out of creative things to do to keep your kids entertained. Try getting them to play by themselves, but don’t leave them unsupervised. They are more likely to be excited about it when they’re rewarded for it as well. Throw in a toy or two and maybe a crayon and cardboard. You would notice they can play for an hour or more without having to come look for you. You rest and they develop their minds. A win-win.

Featured image: Monstera | Pexels