How To Get Spotify’s New Top Streaming Fan % Designation

Nearly two years ago, Facebook began offering Top Fan badges to users who most interacted with their favorite pages on the platform. Now, Spotify is awarding artists’ most dedicated fans by naming them Top Fans, as well. Over the past week, Spotify has been sending out notifications to users and telling them that they are in the top 1-3% of fans for a certain artist. Like Facebook, the only way to receive a notification/email that you’re a Top Fan is… to be a Top Fan.

These designations are based entirely on data, so if you want that digital badge of honor, get streaming.

the fact i’m not in the top 1% of anyone’s spotify fans

— 𝐬𝐚𝐦𝐢 *⊹˚. (@moonwitchery) February 26, 2020

.@Spotify hi buddies, i’m still waiting for my ‘you’re one of the top 1% of depeche mode’s fans worldwide’ notification to pop up on my phone screen xx

— 𝐥𝐮𝐥𝐲 (@enjoythemasses) February 27, 2020

spotify not telling me i’m in the top 1% of car seat headrest fans is an outrage

— wes (@electricmessir) February 25, 2020

Spotify throw me a bone at least tell me im in the top 3% of red velvet fans

— #⃝ten¹²⁷ (@wifeclipse) February 27, 2020

spotify has not named me a “top fan” of any artist, proving yet again that no algorithm will ever TRULY know me like my best friends, my family, and God. Lord Bless Us On This, Ash Wednesday, As I Continue TO DEFY THE TRAPPINGS OF WOULD-BE ROBOTIC KINGS IN THIS NEW HORRIFIC AGE!

— brendon bigley 🔜 C2E2 (@brendonbigley) February 27, 2020

Me patiently waiting for @Spotify to tell me I’m in the top percentage of someone’s fans

— Josh Harris (@mousepadmusic) February 25, 2020

relieved that spotify has not notified me of being in any artists’ top 1% fanbase. i would hate to be associated with listening to a musical artist or being a fan of anything for that matter

— umru (@umru_) February 27, 2020

everyone’s posting about who they’re a top fan of and I’ve opened @Spotify so many times to see who I was a top fan of and it hasn’t popped up on my screen yet so I guess I’m not anyone’s top fan 🙁

— Joe Serafini (@joe_serafini_) February 26, 2020

spotify isn’t telling me i’m in the top 1% of anybody’s fans can we get an F

— the last minute of wash off (@cybelesrev) February 25, 2020