How To Get Perfectly Tamed Eyebrows

Beauty trends are growing quicker than many people can keep up with, and while you don’t have to follow every trend that appears, some are quite useful and it wouldn’t hurt to adapt. One example is the tamed brows. Gone are the days when you had to fight your brows to keep them in place all day. With this new trend, all you have to do is apply a few items on your brows and you’re ready for the day. It’s just that simple! Regardless of whether you want to let your brows thick and in their natural condition, or you do minor trims here and there, the tamed brows style will work for you.

Celebrities like Serena Williams, who is equally famed for her big brows almost as she is for her tennis talents have also joined on this bandwagon. Don’t be the lone one who is overlooked. Tamed brows aren’t just for girls with big, thick brows. Absolutely not! Even females with smooth barely-there hair might benefit from the taming miracle. In essence, tamed brows are required for maintaining a coordinated face card throughout the day, as the absence of stray hairs bouncing around assures your card never decreases! That is to say, no matter how wild your brows are, any female may benefit from taming.

Check Out How To Get Perfectly Tamed Eyebrows

Trim Stray Hairs

Before you scoff at the prospect of snipping off a portion of your brows, hear me out. You don’t have to shave off half of your brows; only remove any extra-long hairs that are growing out of shape. Also, when cutting your brows, keep to the natural arc, since this is the greatest method to do it correctly.

Fill In The Gaps

Photo: Adrienn | Pexels

Of course, having some visible areas between your brow hairs is very natural. This step is critical because we want to tame your brows so they last all day while still looking natural. You don’t want to stroll around with disproportionate brows. To get this look, use a brow filler to draw hair strands in between your brows. Do this anywhere there is an empty spot. That is, you will be filling in the blanks.

Tip: Use light, upward strokes to fill in spaces with your brow pencil. Once done, brush your brows (again, using upward strokes) with the spooled brush to blend in the strokes.

Line Your Brow Shape


Photo: Nicola Styles | Unsplash

Most females become perplexed at this point. You’ll be defining your brow shape with your brow pencil at this stage. Draw a line beneath and above your brows. This will give your ‘creation’ a more natural appearance. As is customary, the easiest approach to achieve this is to follow the natural arc of your brows. After that, softly brush your brows upwards and downwards with your brow brush. This smudges the outline and integrates it into your brows. As a result, your natural brows will be imitated.

Tip: Use a finely sharpened pencil for this process. It will create the lines smoothly and very visibly. Usually, 2-3 strokes should be fine to avoid unrealistic-looking eyebrows.

Use Gel To Tame Brows

This is the key to masterfully managing your brows. After you’ve drawn in your pencil lines, add brow gel to keep everything in place. I guarantee that no hair will escape till you remove your makeup at night. You may use either a clear gel or a coloured gel to get the desired effects.


Finally, tidy up the edges of your brows with a concealer a shade lighter than your skin. That’s the lower and higher sections. Make certain that the mixture is fully blended.

Easy Tamed Brow Tutorial

Featured image: Ryan Stokes | Instagram