How to get free Google home mini for Spotify subscribers

Spotify loves to find ways to entice new subscribers and keep its current ones happy. The latest scheme is giving away free Google home minis, and it’s really easy to get one! But, there are some caveats.

First, you have to know that this is the Google home mini, not the newer Nest mini. The difference is the Nest has better sound quality and a headphone jack. Second, if you received a Google home mini through a similar promotion last year, sorry, you’re ineligible for this one. No double dipping!

But now that’s out of the way, you can make your way toward getting your own.

The Spotify landing page should already direct you for the majority of the process, but you have to have a Premium Individual or Family plan to claim your mini. Thankfully, it also works if you sign up for an account right now.

Once you log in, you’ll do the normal Terms & Conditions stuff, and then you’ll get an email with a link to the Google home mini page. The discount code will already be applied, so just enter your preferred color and shipping information, and you’re set!

Offer ends 11/15/19, or while supplies last. Codes expire 12/31/19.

H/T Business Insider | Photo via Gizmodo