How To Get Chadwick Boseman’s Superhero Style

In a world packed full of superheroes, it’s no easy feat to stand out from the crowd, but Chadwick Boseman is on-trend in every way possible. He’s both the leading man in a movement to strengthen Hollywood diversity, and a real-life champion of menswear, with bold personal style that doesn’t need Spandex to turn heads.

You’ll be hard pressed to find a picture of the Black Panther star not owning the showbiz world with some sleek, distinguished, and refreshingly unpredictable getup. He’s a master of non-boring tailoring, looks good in prints most people would run a mile from and makes left-field choices look elegant.

Not many style heroes wear capes, but we reckon Boseman could pull it off.

The Look

Putting a contemporary, unexpected twist on classic tailoring is a big part of Chadwick Boseman’s style when the cameras are on him, but his greatest assets are flair and the confidence to carry big looks.

Creative cuts, animal prints, statement blacks, tonal suits, and catwalk-level urban streetwear all feature in his look (Versace is a brand he wears again and again), but Boseman brings them down to earth with natural elegance. He’s bold, yes, but too refined to be ostentatious.

Inspiration: Prince, Jean-Michel Basquiat, Jeff Goldblum
Go-To Brands: Givenchy, Ermenegildo Zegna, Versace
Follow Him: @chadwickboseman

Boots Made For Talking

Chadwick Boseman is a fashion risk taker – as any man with an eye on style will agree, that’s not up for debate. He’s rarely seen out and about in a pedestrian ‘fit, but you can’t rip up the rule book every day.

Here, his look is all about pared down autumnal style – a traditionally masculine combo of chunky roll neck knitwear and enviably straight grey trousers. It’s a look that would match just about any footwear, from sensible shoes to more casual sneakers.

Take Boseman’s lead by making the footwear just as much of a talking point. He’s paired with slick chestnut brown Chelsea boots.

Earn Your Stripes

Most men would never get away with slinking around in a thigh-length, all black tiger-printed jacket. Boseman isn’t most men; he’s the Black frickin’ Panther. As part of the movie’s publicity tour Boseman and his co-stars turned full-blown style warriors by incorporating elements of traditional African dress into their style. Boseman did it so well, he’s carried over touches into his look since.

Even for the average non-superhero gentleman, this finely-tailored two-piece is proof that men can go wild by experimenting with formalwear. It suits a slimmer build and substitutes a dressy tie for a black, patterned button-down shirt.

Tartan It Up

Going big on tartan isn’t top of everyone’s style wish list. As part of a formal ensemble it can be stuffy and unfashionably conservative; as part of a casual style it runs the risk of being too gimmicky.

And while you probably never considered wrapping a big tartan piece around a street-wise urban outfit, Chadwick Boseman channels the grunge and punk artists who did it before him with this oversized tartan jacket. Unexpectedly versatile and cutting edge, he wears it over a black hoodie, striped tracksuit leggings, and box-fresh white sneakers.

Going Green

Other than your standard black, grey, and navy blue, adding colour to your tailoring is, for most men, a dangerous game. Bright reds and blues can overdo it, while browns and muted colours can be too drab. A dark green suit might be a leftfield choice, but it’s got both the simplicity and versatility you need for such as occasion – formal enough to match with a traditional black or white shirt, but with enough understated flair to work with something more daring.

Boseman rolls the dice and wins big with the more colourful approach, matching with a blue and burgundy collared shirt. Check out the shoes, too. Refined brown leather proves the finishing touch to any formal style is in the footwear.

Out In Print

Prints are a staple in any spring-summer wardrobe, but it takes a confidence in your own sense of style to go big on floral or abstract designs. Boseman’s message is clear – go big or go home.

He shakes off the more formal threads with an oversized printed shirt, but keeps it elegant, even with side-zip tracksuit bottoms and black sneakers. It’s also a star turn for black and grey, which might look dull on any other outfit.

The round orange lens sunglasses are arguably the star of this vibey look – one example of Boseman’s incredible knack for out-there accessorising.

Fresh Tailoring

When you’re paraded up and down the red carpet like Boseman is, it’s hard to keep classic tailoring looking fresh and original. And even if you’re not Hollywood’s hottest new star, it’s always a good idea to add some pizzazz to your suit.

Boseman de-stuffs the traditional double-breasted suit with a mint green shade, tonal tee underneath and boxfresh sneakers at the bottom.

Rebel Without A Flaw

Here’s another flash of punk-ish tartan from Boseman, this time in a casual streetwear look. This time, it breaks up a monochrome outfit – never a bad idea on its own, but we know that Chadwick doesn’t like to do what everyone else is doing, even on the simplest outfits.

The Neck To Pull It Off

Not just the King of Wakanda, but occasionally the king of having the sheer neck for unexpected style choices. There are a couple of lessons in this look. 1) If you’re going to do try a loud, leaf print jacket, let the pattern make the noise and tone it down with a neutral colour. 2) If you’re going to wear wear a roll neck with a blazer and don’t want to look like a lecturer, keep it black and keep everything else sublimely tailored.

Going Tonal

Wearing pastels can go horribly wrong but a simple way to make sure it doesn’t is by making the look tonal. Boseman opts for a one-note salmon pink suit – not a colour everyone can pull off, but still proof brighter colours keep tailoring fresh – and slips a lighter shirt under the jacket. An easy way to look like you’ve made a lot more effort than you actually have.