How To Do Pedicure At Home

You want nice looking feet, properly pedicured, putting a nice impression but you realize the fact that pedicure from a saloon is quite expensive and time taking? You don’t need to worry as in this article I’ll be sharing a method to do pedicure at home, in an exceptionally reasonable budget and that too at home. Just stick here and have a read on how to do pedicure at home

Refresh Your Feet

The first thing that you need to do is to wash up your feet and rub upper and lower surfaces using a cotton scrub. If your nails have traces of old polish, remove them too. That can be done simply by using a nail polish remover. Make sure that you buy branded nail polish remover and apply it only to the nails, as ill-manufactured nail polish remover when applied on the skin can cause a disastrous effect on your skin

Shape Nails

Moving forward, the next thing that you need to do is, properly shape your nails. It is up to you what kind of shape you want. You can have oval, square, pointed or even custom-shaped nails. You can use the file to shape your nails.

After you have shaped them, clip them to the required length. Clipping isn’t a necessary step, but if you want nails to be lesser in length then you can do this step too.

Soak Feet

This is the most soothing step of a pedicure. It not only neatens your feet, erasing dark spots and dirt but also freshens your body and mind. What you need to do is, take a washtub large enough to contain water which could dip your feet at least till ankles. Make sure you use warm water. Add Epsom salt, few milliliters of lemon juice and shampoo as well. You don’t need to add the whole bottle of shampoo to the mixture, few milliliters would be enough.

Done with the mixture, now just grab a comfortable seat and dip your feet in the mixture for about fifteen to twenty minutes. When the time is up, take your feet out grab a nice clean towel and dry them properly.

Skin Removal/Scrubbing

When you don’t pedicure your feet often, the skin hardens and dark spots start appearing. Removing undesired skin and carapace is the most important step in a pedicure. What you need to do is, once your feet are fully dried, apply skin-softening cream to your feet skin and carapace softening cream on the carapace. If you don’t know what carapace skin is, it is skin on the bottom-most part toenails joining nail and skin. You need to be gentle when shaping/ removing undesired carapace skin realizing fact that it joins skin and nails.

When the cream is applied for 10-15 minutes, start removing undesired skin. This can be done by using scrub and skin files. Be gentle and careful when using skin file as you only want to remove an undesired layer, not the whole skin. Excessive force in doing this can cause serious pain too. Properly scrub your heels, ankles, upper and lower surfaces. Use nail scrub for wiping carapace cream and removing the extra carapace layer. Remember do not cut your carapace skin.


Scrubbing and removing extra and desired skin seriously dries your skin and damages feet skin permanently. To prevent this from properly moisturize your feet. This can be done by applying oil skin and olive oil. You can also buy skin moisturizers and use those to serve the purpose. When you have applied cream or oil, massage your feet proper for a few minutes.

If you have damaged the skin or certain cracks on the skin, you can use Vaseline too. Vaseline is really good for dry skin as it keeps it moisturized for hours.

Polish Your Nails

Polishing nails is the final step of a pedicure. When you are done with all the steps mentioned earlier, apply polish to your nails. Before you use a color polish, coat your nails with a transparent polish base. It is better to avoid color polish right after a pedicure. Transparent polish is recommended as you could observe results too but it’s totally up to you, you can use color polish too.

And now you are completely done with a pedicure. Follow these six steps and you will have no longer need of going to a saloon.

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