How to Do a Pub Crawl for Your Next Travel Adventure

A pub crawl is one experience that’s worth doing at least once in your lifetime. It can be a great way to see the sights, to spend time with a group of buddies or potential new friends, and to taste some delicious beers. Here are some tips for doing a pub crawl for your next travel adventure.

Check Out Popular Spots In The UK

Pubs, brewerys and taprooms are a key part of many towns and cities across the country, and so when you’re planning a pub crawl, you don’t really need to venture out too far. When planning one, it’s worth taking a look at what currently exists. You can find them using this UK brewery map, and this will come in handy when solidifying your chosen route. It all depends on where you’d like to go and what parts of the country you’d like to visit. Pubs are also voted and rated in a number of different ways, so you might want to focus your trip on certain places that are more renowned for serving the very best.

Take A Group Of Friends

No pub crawl is complete without the right group of friends or the gang you wish to take with you on this trip. Think about who you’d like to invite and who would enjoy an excursion like this. There’s likely to be plenty of drinking involved and that might include some day drinking too. You may also want to focus on certain aspects of the day such as cider, spirits or real ales. If you’ve got people coming who don’t like drinking, then it might be a bit of a hassle having them there.

Find Agencies That Organise Them

There are plenty of services out there that can help organise such an excursion, and that can be helpful when you’re not someone who likes doing the organising. Find an agency who can cater to providing the best in terms of the places you want to visit and let them source the accommodation needed along with any activities that you’d like to be booked on. Take a look at what’s available in terms of agencies and then pick one based on recommendations from previous customers. You’ll want one that’s going to organise it without a hitch, especially if you’re paying good money for it.

Have An Awareness Of Your Drinking

And even though a pub crawl is lots of fun, you need to be wary of the drinking that’s involved, and that you’re aware of how much you drink. Think about the levels of alcohol you consume over the course of a day and take it easy. Be conscious of others and the respect you have for others when it comes to drinking. Doing a pub crawl is lots of fun, so plan it carefully and make sure you’re taking those chaps with you who’ll enjoy it most.