How to create the ultimate luxury man cave in 2020

Since the beginning of time, men have needed their own intimate space to leave their troubles behind and relax away from the troubles of modern life. These cherished spaces — otherwise known more popularly as man caves — have become a space in the household where they can enjoy their interests and guilty pleasures with freedom. Man caves are the perfect hideaway, especially if you have big families and a busy lifestyle. The best part about having a man cave in your home is that you have complete control over the room’s aesthetics, so whether you want to make it unique and quirky or elegant and sophisticated, the choice is entirely yours.

Whilst your space will be completely personalised according to your tastes and style preferences, there are several tips we can offer to help you create the ultimate luxury man cave this year — no expenses spared.

Designing your space

Before you begin buying all your decor, seating and entertainment, try to decide how you would like the overall look to be. Balancing the area is essential if you hope to make your man cave look stylish and comfortable. If you are choosing to make it multi-purpose then consider what you wish to feature — entertain your friends with a bar, pool table, dartboard, and then gather around your cinematic screen to watch the football in style.

Consider what you wish to have in your man cave, as this could be a central focal point and then work your way around it. Whether you decide to make it into a games room, indoor cinema or simply a quiet reading space, remember that this is your chance to design an entirely new space.

Choosing your seating

Regardless of whether you have a large or small space to work with, choosing your furniture wisely is key to ensuring that your man cave is a success.

Man caves are the perfect hideaway, especially if you have big families and a busy lifestyle

Similarly, depending on your theme, you may wish to choose elegant and opulent furnishings for your space or industrial and futuristic styles, therefore consider what you want wisely, otherwise, it may look messy and unbalanced. Leather materials and dark woods are typically used for spaces such as these, as they give off a masculine feel which suits any theme whilst also heightening the sense of luxury.

Your entertainment

This is where your planning and decoration starts becoming enjoyable, as you can start placing all the entertainment you’ve dreamed of — remember to consider your available space, as you do not want to overcrowd your room because this will cause more stress than relaxation in the long run. When it comes to entertainment, there are so many options that you can choose from, as indoor cinemas, custom billiards and ping pong tables, dart boards, arcades, gaming systems, library, built-in bars and wine cellars all make impressive additions, especially if you plan on inviting guests often — just have some ambition and go for it.

The best part about having a man cave in your home is that you have complete control over the room’s aesthetics

Remember to also consider your soundproofing and acoustics, as you don’t want to disturb everyone else in your home whilst you’re in your man cave. Whether you choose to have an indoor cinema, speakers or musical equipment, ensure that soundproofing is done with lightweight acoustic boards, as well as upholstered walls throughout the room, and acoustic tiles for the ceiling — you don’t want to be upsetting anyone when you’re trying to unwind.

Personalised decorations and that ultra cool ‘Man Cave’ metal sign

You could perhaps compare placing the final touches to your man cave to the cherry on top of delicious ice cream. Your man cave is a home within a home, so making it feel comfortable and personal is key to creating the perfect space. Once you have placed your furniture and added your choice of entertainment, you can introduce framed photos, any memorabilia that you possess, prizes, and statement art pieces. No man cave would be complete without some much-needed wall decor, and what is more perfect than your very own ‘Welcome to my Man Cave’ laser-cut custom metal sign? This really will help to add that much needed wow factor to any man cave. Crafted items can introduce a more personalised appeal to the room, so don’t be afraid of being creative and design the man cave you’ve always dreamed of.

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