How to create a luxury patio in time for summer

With spring just over six weeks away and summer around the corner, the time has come to rethink your outdoor oasis. Many of us cannot wait for those temperatures to rise and for the days to grow longer, so preparing for the summer months will help the winter days pass quicker. Whether you have limited space or not, transforming your outside area by achieving your decoration goals is much easier than you presume, and it’ll help you take full advantage of the warm weather this year from the comfort of your humble abode.

From renovating the outdoor flooring to incorporating eye-catching decor, the smallest change can make all the difference. To transform your dull outdoor space into a luxurious haven, take a glance at our list of tips that will ensure your garden is looking it’s very best in time for summer.

Its an ideal time to mentally think through new projects for spring and planning a usable, luxury patio is certainly one value adding idea

Choosing your flooring

When updating your outdoor space, one of the first elements you should analyse is the patio flooring. By simply replacing old flooring with new pavers, your patio will dramatically alter, as the look and feel of the area will be transformed in time for warmer climates. Offering such timeless elegance, using natural stone is the perfect choice for anyone who is wanting to add a sense of luxury to their home. Perfect for reviving any outdoor space, why not take a moment to browse Westminster Stone’s collection of natural paving stone slabs, as the wide variety of options will keep you inspired.

Eye-catching tiles

As you have perhaps heard, 2020 is the year for new opportunities, which is why aiming for a more extravagant look will assuredly impress guests when they attend your summer get-togethers. By simply integrating eye-catching tiles in your outdoor space — whether that is on the surrounding wall or the floor — it’ll magically transform the dull patio into a remarkably vibrant zone. Adding tiles is an ideal way of expressing your personality so that you feel more comfortable in this space, and with a variety of designs and colours, we’re certain that you’ll find your perfect style to welcome spring.

Placing a fireplace or a fire pit in your patio will be ideal for connecting with your friends and family during those lovely summer evenings

A spot for entertainment

Whilst changing your flooring and adding some colour is an ideal way to start your journey of updating your patio, you aim to transform it into a space where you, your friends and family will wish to spend the summer days in. To do this, think of ways to stay entertained. You may wish for a pool area, where you can cool down once the temperatures rise, an outdoor cinema where you and your loved ones can reunite to watch the latest blockbuster under the stars, or an outdoor bar where you can prepare the perfect cocktails — all of these options will make for a perfectly stylish area to indulge in those warmer days.

An outdoor fireplace

Perfect for those who enjoy entertaining and hosting gatherings, placing a fireplace or a fire pit on your patio will be ideal for connecting with your friends and family during those lovely summer evenings. Depending on your available space, you could either place one against the wall or installed in the ground — either way, it’ll be a warm, comforting and luxurious way of spending time with your loved ones.

Design a luxury patio that will put to shame even the most luxurious five-star hotel

The importance of shade

After indulging in the warm temperatures, it is important to offer your friends and family protection from the sun, which is why adding opportunities to find shade in your outdoor area is vital. Analyse your space and decide what you can do with it. A simple option is to plant several trees that will be an eco-friendly, inexpensive way of adding shade to your outdoor living area. If you have space to spare, why not place an elegant gazebo or a pergola that extends over the sitting area? This will create the ideal protection from the elements.

Cosy lounging

Picture those wonderful summer days and a perfect lounging area to relax where you can indulge in a good book whilst enjoying a refreshing drink — sounds heavenly. There is nothing better in a luxury patio than having the perfect place to sit, whether it is a vintage ottoman decorated with vibrant cushions, a dramatic sofa swing that is visually intriguing, or a chic hammock perfect for floating.