How to choose the perfect dress watch, from the experts at Filippo Loreti

When it comes to creating a suave and sophisticated image that is guaranteed to impress any potential business client, date or VIP, every detail is important. In fact, sometimes it’s the smallest touches that have the biggest impact – even more so than your overall look. Whilst a sharp suit is guaranteed to set the right tone for any occasion, a stunning timepiece has the power to make the right impression from the first handshake. But, get your watch choice wrong, and you risk making an entirely different impact.

Choosing the right dress watch can seem simple at first; select the one you like the look of the most, and go right ahead and get out that credit card, right? But in actual fact, there are a wealth of other factors to consider if you want to get it just right. If you’re in the market for a new dress watch, then you’ve come to the right place – as these top tips from luxury watch designer, Filippo Loreti, will help you to make the right choice.

The aesthetics

Dress watches are minimalist timepieces, so keeping it simple is the best approach

The most astounding detail about a dress watch is not necessarily its time-keeping, but instead, its ability to beautifully complement business or formal wear – so it pays to keep in mind the situations in which you hope to wear yours, and the attire you envisage wearing it with. From rubber to leather, mesh to NATO, Filippo Loreti offers various dress watches that are designed for different occasions. Consider what type of strap would work best as part of the overall look you are hoping to achieve – do you like leather straps, like the Venice Moonphase Silver – or would you prefer mesh material, as in the World Timer Dubai?

The Ascari Grand Prix GP 1951 will go well with any outfit

Dress watches are minimalist timepieces, so keeping it simple is the best approach. Like the Okeanos Blue Steel Link, the dial form should be simple and easy to read. This model features a brilliant blue dial and is missing a second hand, giving it a classic and elegant look – and making it the perfect choice for business meetings, where it would look great with a navy-blue suit. The Venice Rose Gold Automatic, meanwhile, would pair well with a black suit, and is a bold and sophisticated choice. Outside of the business environment, you may consider the Moonphase, chronograph, and tachymeter complications. These make the watch a little less simplistic, but add an interesting edge. The Nato strap pairs well with more casual outfits, so is a great choice for the weekends.

And finally, you’ll want to ensure you choose the right case. Again, simplicity is key, and the steel case of the Ascari Grand Prix GP 1951 will go well with any outfit. But keep in mind the colour of the other accessories you like to wear, such as cufflinks and belts, and match your metals accordingly.

Type of movement

Filippo Loreti’s Venice Rose Gold Automatic

Whilst aesthetics might seem like the most important thing when it comes to making the right impression, any esteemed gentleman will be able to spot a poorly made watch from a mile off. A watch of true quality is based on its movement – so take some time to consider how this is made before making your choice. From Miyota to Seiko, a good and well-made movement ensures the precise timing and accuracy of all Filippe Loreti’s dress watches, and each is created through the very finest craftsmanship.

Watches may feature either a quartz or a certified mechanical movement. The former runs on a battery, while the second must be wound manually. One of the most used quartz movements in the world, Miyota is known for being reliable and very accurate. However, if you’re a fan of a mechanical movement, then Filippo Loreti’s Venice Rose Gold Automatic, fitted with the Japanese Miyota 9100, is a great option.

The perfect men’s dress watch

The best-selling Venice Moonphase Black Gold Mesh is an exemplary dress watch

The best-selling Venice Moonphase Black Gold Mesh is an exemplary dress watch. With a 40mm case diameter and clean dial, it’s the true definition of elegance. The black mesh bracelet is designed to complement both formal and casual looks, elevating your profile at every turn. The radiant black watch is an exceptional choice for every sartorial male. Different colour variants are available to suit your preference, though – so don’t be afraid to add a bit of personality. Choosing the perfect dress watch requires time, patience and research on your thought, but a little bit of thought will go a long way. There’s a perfect dress watch out there for every occasion and outfit – so why not start your collection now?