How to choose a bikini cover up that suits your style, according to a fashion expert

Now that winter is in full swing, it can be hard not to dream about summer already! The blue skies, the sand in your toes and wearing summer clothes. Whilst it can be a difficult job finding swimwear which suits you, you also need to think about your cover ups – the loose and lovely garments which you can throw over the top to add that extra style element.

Cover ups make you feel like you’re floating around somewhere exotic. There any many options available such as sarongs, maxi dresses, kaftans, making it difficult to find one that will suit your figure and swimwear. If you want to take your swimwear to the next level this summer, you’ve come to the right place as CEO and fashion expert of Diamantine, Zayd Idrissi has shared his top tips on how to decide which cover up is for you. It is key that you feel confident during summer in the clothes you’re wearing.

1. Fabrics

The key to choosing a cover up is the fabric. You need to pick something that you can just throw over your swimwear effortlessly as opposed to a garment which you have to iron. Lightweight kaftans are perfect for this as the material is breathable and keeps you protected from the sun. Choose a chiffon, cotton, viscose or rayon material.

2. Personal style

If you are not a fan of too much colour, you can still go for a minimalistic cover up. You don’t need to comprise on your own style during summer – just because the weather is bright. If you decide on picking a darker colour for your cover up’s, then ensure you choose a shorter length or a sarong with a small pattern. This way you will look summer ready in your own way!

3. Volume

The cover-up is all about a loose fit but don’t go too overboard on the sizing, if you choose a fabric which isn’t sheer but its oversized it is likely the material will become too tent-like and will not flatter your figure. If the fabric is flowy then you will still be able to see your shape and swimwear underneath. A katan maxi with splits is a great option.

4. Double wear

You can buy a cover up which will work just as well outside the beach too – making it a double duty garment! This is a clever trick to help minimise on packing too as you can team the cover up with both wedges and flip flops. Lightweight maxi dresses work great for this.

5. Length

If you want to show off your legs, then choose a short katan or beach sarong but if wish to be modest there are many knee length or maxi styles that look just as summery and chic. When it comes to cover ups the aim is comfort and style, so neither should be compromised. Maxi dresses are great to roll up and throw into your beach bag if you need that extra coverage – it always looks the part when paired with a floppy hat!

6. Go white

White is a great summer colour so don’t be afraid to make that purchase. It is a great way to stay cool as it reflects sunlight and is the best colour to show off your tan! A white beach tunic is a perfect way to show off your body.

7. Matching accessories

Summer headbands are in right now and there is nothing better than finding a matching one to your coverup. This is a great trend if you coverups are minimalistic and you want to add some extra wow to your outfit. Don’t be afraid to experiment with patterns and colours.