How To Add Lyrics To Your Instagram Story [VIDEO]

Instagram today announced new options for adding music to your Stories, including the option to add dynamic lyrics. Just adding music by itself to your Instagram stories is a fairly recent innovation, launching less than a year ago. Since then, Instagram has expanded users’ options in how they share music, from sharing songs via Spotify and SoundCloud to adding them directly to the story as originally designed.

“Music can be a big part of expression on Instagram – between adding music to Stories, connecting with artists, sending song recs back-and-forth, there are lots of ways to connect with music on IG,” a spokesperson from Instagram told TechCrunch. “Now, we’re building on our music features and introducing the ability to add lyrics when you add a song to your story.”

If you’re sharing a song with lyrics particularly meaningful to you — or just messing around — you can share those lyrics with your followers and help them to follow along. When adding a music sticker to your Story, you will be prompted to add lyrics (if you want) in a variety of styles and fonts to keep things fresh.

Check out the video below to see it in action.

Instagram just added improved music functions to stories, mostly focused on lyrics!

— lucas s (@isthislucass) June 6, 2019