How Old Is “Too Old” To Attend Festivals & Other Music Events? [SURVEY]

If you’re like us, then you live your life show to show and festival to festival. Our schedules demand a work hard, play hard kind of lifestyle. But, there’s always that overlying fear in question — “How old is too old to party?” Thankfully, the answer is never. A new study conducted by TickPick examines the answers of 1,000 individuals to determine how old is too old. As it turns out, 65% believe you’re never too old to get down, especially at small local shows and concert venues.

When it comes to attending multi-day music festivals, 72% say people should never stop doing that activity. Voodoo, Electric Zoo, Nocturnal Wonderland, Ultra, and Electric Daisy Carnival music festivals have the most concentrated belief that you’re never too old to attend. Talking raves and dance clubs, those numbers drop to 45% and 42% respectively. The cutoff age from the survey at which we may need to reevaluate our lives is 44. And still, overall, it seems age is just a number. If attending festivals and raves make you happy — go for it. Just party responsibly. None of us are as young as we once were.

See more results below via TickPick.

Too Old To Party? Nah…


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