How German Watch Startup TOMHOLM Wants to Make a Difference

Started by two budding entrepreneurs, TOMHOLM brand of premium quartz timepieces is set to change the way people perceive and purchase watches. After 2 years of development, their new model will launch soon and proves itself with its components and craftsmanship. TOMHOLM is the latest premium watch startup from Germany and has good chances of playing a major role in the quartz watch segment. By selling their products directly to their customers and thoughtful sourcing of top-notch materials and components for their watches, TOMHOLM aims to raise the bar and set a new precedent for high-end quartz timepieces. The founders Jonas and Johannes are friends and are both keen watch collectors who are fulfilling their dreams with the launch of their own timepiece company.

Coming from different backgrounds, Johannes is an engineer and Jonas a medical doctor, but for the last two years, they shared the common goal to develop a superior watch that outperforms competitors. “To be honest, we were skeptical in the beginning, but due to our high level of dedication, we knew after several meetings and extensive research that there was a chance to reach our aim. With the help of our community and a highly motivated team of freelancers, we started with the engineering design process of the first prototypes,” Jonas told us.

Their final model, called ‘The Novum’, is marked by an elegant and minimalistic design, astonishing details and curved sapphire crystal which will get you noticed. At the same time, it also ensures striking durability and longevity. “Here at TOMHOLM, we are a highly client-oriented company and quality is at the heart of everything we do. Not only do we focus on creating cutting-edge timeless watches, but we also focus on adapting to new business practices that benefit our clients. We are fully geared to crowdfund ‘The Novum’ watch very soon. By establishing a direct connection with our customers, we eliminate the need of third-party investors and retailers, thus giving our clients a high-end product without the usual huge marked-up price of competitors,” explained Johannes.

TOMHOLM sources premium components and materials from around the globe in order to create their watches. With all of their watch straps being handmade in Germany from carefully selected calf leather, the quick-release mechanism allows wearers to effortlessly change a strap within 10 seconds. The watches also feature the best watch glass in the world, domed pure sapphire crystal, known to be extremely scratch-resistant and used by popular luxury brands. In addition to the corrosion and acid-resistant 316L stainless steel body, the watches are powered by a state-of-the-art quartz movement system, the Miyota OS11, which features a shock detection system. In case of external impacts, the hands will be prevented from jumping.

A captivating video about their product tests can be watched below to get an impression of the ice, scratch and high impact tests ‘The Novum’ survived. TOMHOLM demonstrates that design and durability can go hand-in-hand, while their timepieces remain affordable. “We encourage interested people to sign-up for our newsletter and be on the lookout for our crowdfunding campaign which will launch on the 22nd of October 2019. Early supporters can profit from limited-time discounts and much more”.