How Eco-Friendly Is Your Vintage Shopping Habit? The RealReal’s Sustainability Calculator Can Tell You

Image: The RealReal

The RealReal, everyone’s favorite way to virtually window shop consigned luxe goods at semi-reasonable prices, is pushing its conscious consumerism further by launching a first-of-its-kind sustainability calculator. 

The company, which has long promoted reusing clothing and accessories to keep them from landfills, worked with organizations that specialize in sustainability and environmental impact such as World Resource Institute, Ellen McArthur Foundation and Shift Advantage. The sustainability calculator is made to measure greenhouse gasses, energy output and water usage typically consumed in the process of creating new clothes and accessories in comparison to the consignment process. Although they do not have complete information regarding the process of each piece they are selling, the calculation depends on weight and fabrications.

The numbers are staggering: Consigning a single pair of jeans would save 279 liters of water while a silk dress would save 30 liters. 

According to their calculations, The RealReal has saved 329 million liters of water and 87 million driving miles through their consignment process. Designers such as Stella McCartney are showing their support for the reselling company’s initiative by becoming partners and offering deals to consumers: for every Stella McCartney item you consign, you’ll get $100 to shop in a Stella McCartney store.

Your conscious consuming doesn’t have to take a hiatus when it comes to your love for designer fashion — The RealReal is proof.