Household Items That Can Be Your Make-Shift Dumbbells While You’re Working Out At Home

Spend more time at home they said, until a slice of cake led to a pizza and ice cream party and now, we’re wide eyed in disappointed surprise staring at the scale. Worse still, if you’re like most people, you dread going to the gym. Maybe it’s the laziness to pick out what to wear, or the embarrassment that comes with wincing in front of complete strangers. Whichever it is, taking frequent trips to the gym isn’t something many can do diligently. Luckily for us all, working out at home is super easy and it isn’t such a bad idea after all. As expected, there’s a downside to this as the majority of people don’t have workout equipment at their disposal at home.

Take for example the dumbbells. Unless you’re a real sucker for working out at home, this isn’t something you’d go shopping for on a regular. Well, don’t let the lack of a dumbbell stop your at-home workout sessions. There are several everyday items that can easily substitute for a dumbbell, and you’ll still get the desired results. Sounds like a dream right? But you’re not dreaming girl, this is real life. Check out these household items that can be your make-shift dumbbells while you’re working out at home.

A Bag Of Flour

Before you get to baking your favorite pastries, try squatting with these. It’s usually better if there are 2 bags on each hand simultaneously. You might want to wrap it up properly to avoid a Rentaghost situation.

A Gallon Of *insert whatever liquid you have here*

A 5 liter gallon of water (or any other liquid) is handy and effective when you want to get right into working out at home. It’s very easy to pick up these ‘savers’ for a few minutes of pump. That’s right, they’re perfect for some triceps back kicks.


Remember those cans in your backyard that you’ve been too lazy to discard? Now is the time to put them to some type of use. Cans are so similar to dumbbells, you won’t notice the difference. Just find a one pound can, fill it up and tada! Dumbbells are served.

A Stuffed Suitcase/Handbag

It’s time to pack your bags and head to the gym, albeit at home. The good part is you get to customize the weight to suit your ability and/or preference. Certainly, more motivation for your at home workout session.

Bottled Wine

It’s true nobody really weighs their wine, they just pull it off a shelf and get to gulping. But when using bottled wine as dumbbells substitute, ensure they weigh at least 5 liters. Also, remember to close tightly before working out, we don’t want to spill that wine and ruin your favorite gym clothes. Once you’re done, you can pour yourself a glass. You’ve earned it. When there’s a will, there’s a way. Don’t let anything stop you from having the body of your dreams, and the less tasking way to begin is by working out at home. Strut into your kitchen and find an alternative then get on to it. This summer body won’t make itself.

Featured image Derick McKinney | Unsplash