Hot New Track from Roukin + Hobbs Included in Doorly’s Reptile Dysfunction Sampler

Miami Music Week is kicking off and the impending marathon that is Ultra is coming in hot. With that in mind take a look at this fresh track from Doorly’s Reptile Dysfunction Sampler that’s been put together in honor of the annual event. The track, Game Plan is a collab between Roukin and Hobbs, and sets the tone for what’s sure to be an amazing weekend. It’s a an easy blend of g-funk, synth-pop and house, and gives you a warm reminder of good times in Ibiza. In fact, the track itself was inspired by the glow of the island and that magic transition from day into night. Other hot new artists in Doorly’s Sampler include El Provost, Colour Castle, Rick Wade, Olivia Dawn, Thackson, Josh Newsham, SEVADER, and Mike Woods. In addition to the curation, Doorly himself adds some beats to the collection as well.