Holly Displays Versatility With New Trap Banger “On Me”

Portuguese producer Holly has carved his own niche in the electronic music scene.  Seamlessly flipping through a plethora of genres, the rising act has been releasing music at an incredible rate, with singles popping up on Fool’s Gold, Monstercat, Dim Mak, Buygore and more. In his newest track, Holly brings back the signature blend of genres. Featuring OKAY! KENJI and rapper Gunplay, “On Me” fuses hard trap with smooth, sub-heavy rap. This track is meant for those who like a vibe lyrical flow, mixed with some headbanging trap. Take a listen for yourself below.

Gunplay has been one of my favorite rappers since I first heard “Ghetto Symphony” in 2013. It’s crazy how I used to listen to his music before I even began making music on my own, and now we’re on the same record together. I can’t thank OKAY! KENJI enough for helping bring this track to life as well. – Holly

Holly – On Me (feat. Gunplay, OKAY! KENJI)