“Hold On” By Josh Rubin Is An Enthralling Single

Josh Rubin, a singer and songwriter from Austin, Texas, debuted in 2015 and quickly rose up the dance music ranks as a powerful vocalist capable of delivering hard-hitting and emotionally charged vocals. Seeking Blue, Monstercat, Lowly, Dim Mak, Proximity, and other well-known dance labels have all published his work. His music has been played at big festivals like Coachella and EDC Vegas, and he’s already backed well-known bands like Pixel Terror, Nurko, and ARMNHMR in the last year, bringing an exciting vocal-driven performance to the stage.

Now, he’s back with “Hold On,” a gripping track released on Mr Suicide Sheep’s illustrious Found Red Records. He gives a strong performance on “Hold On,” which is backed up by top-notch production. The noises and his voice blend smoothly, rising to a breathtaking drop that will leave you completely enthralled.

Listen to “Hold On” below!