Hit soundtrack ‘My City’ by aspiring rapper Mycharee C brings back the authentic taste of rap in the game

Promising rapper Mycharee C aims to convey her notions and emotions to her audience through her newest song ‘My City’ featuring enticing beats and original lyricism. As the most relatable subgenre of hip hop, rap music has gained its rightful place in the hearts of music enthusiasts all over the world. Imparting her wistful thoughts and feelings through her latest song ‘My City’ displaying her creative imaginations, talented rapper Mycharee C has emerged into the scene, radiating with vibrant energy and raw passion. Finding her solace in songwriting, the track expresses her genuine emotions and her love and concern for her city through a vivid narration. The pumping sick beats of the song created through some thorough arrangements of chords fill the atmosphere with boisterous exuberance.

Hailing from Jackson, MS, the gifted rapper Mycharee C has carefully mastered all the fundamentals and mechanics of rap musicality and perfectly executed a brilliant performance featuring fast-ranging word delivery in her hottest new single ‘My City’ merging with the smooth flow of the groovy melodies. This song describes the crime and destruction going on in her city through a series of well-crafted and eloquent libretto with her robust vocal prowess enhancing the picturesque narrative that breathes life into the song. Experience her other compelling creations like ‘I made u’, ‘Drug Addict’, ‘P.o.p’, and ‘Down for u’ exhibiting her artistic craftsmanship. Follow her on SoundCloud, YouTube, TikTok, Instagram, and Facebook and keep yourself updated.