History of the Mens Leather Bomber Jacket

Fashion has brought a lot of novelty to our contemporary society, and all kinds of clothing articles have proven to be revolutionary in the menswear market. Leather bomber jackets are such clothing articles, proving to be a very inspired alternative for men who are looking for a rugged look which also brings comfort and confidence. Leather bomber jackets can be worn in all kinds of situations and for many social occasions. This type of jacket can also give you a classy and soft look depending on the style. Apart from the design, a leather bomber jacket has an elastic waist and a snap front closure, making them very practical pieces of clothing.

How did the leather bomber jacket come about?

Leather bomber jackets for men were only associated with the western part of the world during the 1900s. Unlike today, they were intended to keep pilots warm and dry when they flew up into the skies during World War I and II. Made of thick insulating leather, they had high collars that wrapped around, zippers up the front with wind flaps, elasticated cuffs, and waistband. Pilots were also issued with leather gloves and caps to match. The United Kingdom was the first country to introduce the first leather bomber jacket. In 1915, the pilots from the Royal Marine Corps who were serving in Europe were the first ones to wear them; and it slowly became part of their culture, quickly becoming important outerwear staples.

It was not long before the culture began to cross boundaries, and ideas in the world of fashion began to diffuse; other countries also began following this trend too. It was the United States who followed the British invention and designed their very own bomber jackets for military purposes. But apart from the army and navy issue clothing, bomber jackets have captured the imagination of both commercial clothing manufacturers and a large number of fashion designers who regularly include adaptations of the original designs in their new collections. High-end designers like Gucci have also provided something that the youth of this time would like, and everybody loves Gucci bomber jackets. Since they’re often worn by leading celebrities and film stars, to people like you and me, you can rest assured they will never go out of fashion.

The modern bomber jacket

Today there is a huge range of choices for men, with dozens of various styles, colours, and materials, making the 21st-century version a fashion accessory of note. However, the modern bomber jacket is still found in its authentic form, for example, in the original A-2 style that was worn by 20th-century bomber pilots. The details of this particular authentic style usually include knitted cuffs to prevent cold air going up the sleeves, stitched down epaulets, snap-down collars, and of course, the traditional stretchy waistband. There are many other flight jackets that are not authentic, but considerably comfortable and classy, nonetheless.

For instance, you can purchase jackets made of cowhide leather that have quilted lining and ribbed knit waistbands and cuffs. Others even feature antiqued brass zippers and modern-day Velcro to ensure the front flap and other pockets stay closed. Then there are numerous nylon field jackets with warm polyester fiberfill lining that is guaranteed to keep you warm. They have that distinctive bomber jacket look and appeal, but are truly 21st century in feel. For instance, some designs are reversible, with one side in traditional military colour, and the other side bright and bold. The modern-day designs include suede, sheepskin, and lambskin for added comfort and style. Younger generations prefer the newer hook-on-hood model, which is trendier and sophisticated. This type of design allows the user to take off the hood any time he wants. Although most leather bomber jackets come in black, the brown coloured ones are gaining popularity among men alike.

Measures to keep your jacket in pristine condition

For the new bomber jacket, apply water and stain protector to avoid serious damage to your jacket. It will require cleaning with regular wear and should only be done yearly. First, prepare a mild soap solution and a damp cloth to wipe it. Try and use a sponge soaked with clean water to rinse the solution. You should have a towel to pat dry the jacket to get rid of excessive water. Next, hang it in a well-ventilated spot to air-dry it. Apply a leather conditioner to prevent cracking and drying; try and use just enough to lightly coat the jacket. Then, you can spot clean the jacket with a mild soap solution and damp cloth for the rest of the year.