Historic 1995 Ferrari 500 Superfast Coupe for Sale

The last of Ferrari’s limited edition Maranello flagship goes on sale for at least $2.5 million. The nonpareil 1995 Ferrari 500 Superfast coupe is retailed for roughly twice the price of the standard builds of its time. While the world was once blessed with 36,500 Superfasts, only 34 remain – making it one of the rarest and most desirable cars left on the market.

Powered by the distinctive Tipo 208, 5.0-liter V-12 engine fed by triple, twin-choke weber carburetors – the 500 Superfast is a true testament to its name, catching speed up to 174MPH with an output of over 395-400 horsepower. The Superfast series is till this day, regarded a staggering achievement for its time with a highly respectable maximum.

The Superfast series is the epitome of exclusivity – originally introduced in 1964 at the Geneva Salon in Italy, Series 1 was manufactured at a leisurely pace over the course of two years. Its production rate of one car per month, allowed for the personalization of the time’s most powerful, expensive and fastest car.

With characteristically flat sides and the cleanest lines, the Superfast is a complete Pininfarina masterpiece with a Kammback profile – revered by celebrities, socialites and royalty including the Shah of Iran and Georges Filipinetti.

Inspired by earlier Aerodinamico prototypes, its wing line rises gently from the tail before dipping towards its dramatically extended nose, creating an illusion of constant motion even at rest, thus manifesting Ferrari’s longstanding racing heritage. Engineered by Aurelio Lampredi, the Superfast series are descendants of the original Ferrari Le-Mans-victory-clenching race cars with a costly design improvement – leather upholstery and matching carpets.

While categorized by series, Ferrari Superfast’s individual build-to-order system meant that older designs could be customized with newer technology and installed with innovative parts such as five-speed gearboxes and 3-vent louvres, as well as, circular Carello indicator lights and no rear seats.

What remains of the series have now been imported into America for engine restoration by industrial service provider, Motion Products. The cars, in impeccable condition, retain their original serial numbers and Ferrari Classiche Red Book Certification.

The Ferrari Superfast series is more than a car, it is a symbolic cultural, economic and social statement, attesting to the brand’s rich history, exuberant elegance, success and prestige.

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