Hip-hop has found a New Interpretation with Beatbox and EDM Strains in Rapper Emotionz’ New Album ‘Gems’

The contemporary and creative deconstruction hip-hop is being defined in an eccentric bundle by upcoming beatboxer and rapper Emotionz in his new album, ‘Gems’.

Beatboxer and rapper Emotionz has expanded his creative freedom into new experiments and thematic disparities in his new album, ‘Gems’. The album, consisting of ten song structures is a tribute to the next era of hip-hop. The album is substantially strained with the essence of EDM, soul, and beatbox that collectively put out unity in diversity in terms of musical inceptions. He is accredited to some of the most bedazzling and detailed live performances out there that have pushed him to try out newer sounds and rhythmic constructions in the making of his songs. The songs from ‘Gems’ like ‘Complications’, ‘Offline’, ‘Vibe Tonight’, or ‘Moments’ all capture his fervor and creative intelligence in an enticing bundle.

Dave Nelson, popularly known by stage name Emotionz already has his acknowledgment well distributed in and around Vancouver, Canada and on the west coast with a career expansion of over 20 years. He has also worked with many big bodies of the industry that has helped him to discover the salient sound of ‘Gems’. The album bagged the 3rd position in the Hip-hop Add at NACC that marked his very first accomplishment with ‘Gems’. He is affiliated with the Sound Vibe Records label that will give him more exposure to retain and redefine his artistic purposes. Follow him on his social handles on Spotify, Soundcloud, Instagram, Facebook, and more to feel the groove and jive of ‘Gems’.

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