Hilarious New Dillon Francis Video Series Asks “What’s In Dillon’s Box?!”

dillon francis

When Dillon Francis has a new video upload, we can pretty much guarantee it’s going to be pure internet gold. His latest series, “What’s in Dillon’s Box?!” unboxes random things purchased off Amazon. Even in its first episode, we are thoroughly entertained.


Meet Vector… A miniature home robot with a mind of his own. Much more amusing than the robot itself is the way Dillon interacts with the toy as he struggles to get it up and running, asks it to do tricks, and demands that it rap Eminem lyrics when prompted.

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In some ways, we feel like we’re watching one of the latest episodes of Black Mirror. But as it turns out, Vector is a delightful little useless device that will soon bring much joy to someone’s life.

That’s right — Dillon is giving away Vector. Watch below and comment on the YouTube video for your chance to win this lil guy. Vector clearly needs a home where he’ll be appreciated more.

What’s In Dillon’s Box??! Stupid Robot (Giveaway)

Photo via Rukes.com via: youredm

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