HI-LO (Oliver Heldens) and Space 92 Unleash Electrifying GENESIS EP: A Techno Triumph

Prepare for a sonic journey as two of techno’s most sizzling artists, HI-LO (Oliver Heldens) and Space 92, join forces to deliver an exhilarating two-track EP set to ignite dancefloors worldwide. The collaboration, aptly named the GENESIS EP, showcases the prowess of these artists in pushing the boundaries of production. With the title track and the high-octane ORION, the EP not only underscores their individual talents but also captures a moment in time where techno is undeniably on the rise.

Released on HILOMATIK, the GENESIS EP promises a sonic experience that transcends boundaries and resonates with fans of cutting-edge techno. HI-LO and Space 92’s ability to craft tracks that captivate and energize the audience is on full display, making this EP a must-listen for techno enthusiasts and dance music aficionados alike.

In addition to the EP release, fans can delve into the dynamic world of HI-LO and Space 92 by reliving their back-to-back set from the Amsterdam Dance Event of the previous year. The live performance serves as a testament to their collaborative energy and magnetic stage presence, offering fans a taste of the magic they create when sharing the decks.

Don’t miss out on the sonic synergy of HI-LO and Space 92 in the GENESIS EP—available now for a thrilling auditory experience. Whether you’re a seasoned techno lover or a newcomer to the genre, this collaboration is set to leave an indelible mark on the electronic music landscape.