Hi I’m Ghost just dropped Fresh Single, “Squiggy”

Hi I’m Ghost just dropped their second single of the year, following up on “Woah God Damn” with the new one out this past Friday, “Squiggy.” Similar in how different the two track titles are, they went from the heaviest of heavy dubstep bangers to something that’s about as strange as having an animated ghost for your branding. “Squiggy” is absurd, yes, but it still ticks all the right boxes. It’s bouncy is a super off-kilter way, and still bass heavy enough to make your floor shake at home or your ribs rattle live. Although how something at this tempo would fit into a live set is beyond my current imagination — I’ll leave that up to the professionals.

Both new singles have seen the duo level up in a sense, as well as updating their branding with a new logo. When asked about their new logo, Nathan of the duo said, “Our little ghost definitely did grow up a bit. Honestly so did we, not only as musicians & performers but as people, and from that we just felt like it was time to “age” up the ghost in a way that reflects our own lives.” We’re looking to see more of Hi I’m Ghost’s glow up this year. In the meantime, stream “Squiggy” below!