Hex Cougar Releases New Single “Silence” with Sara Skinner

In case you haven’t been paying attention, Hex Cougar is starting off 2019 with a bang. After remixing Illenium’s “God Damnit” with Call Me Karizma and putting out “Glass Hearts” with graves and Lil Naria, he’s back with another new original in fashion. This time, he teams up with the ever popular Sara Skinner for “Silence.” There’s a lot to unpack from this track, from the production itself to the vocals, even to the track art. The track begins with a soft arpeggio that quickly draws you, only doubling the effect when Skinner’s lightly echoed vocals create a wildly hypnotic effect. By the time the rising drum loop comes in, and Skinner’s vocals pitched up and chopped, we’re more than ready for whatever comes next.

The drop synths match the current midtempo trend, but the drums tell a different story. Jumping from 80 BPM to breaks to adding extra hi hats and elements gives it a depth and variety beyond the typical midtempo track out these days. “Silence” may not have the sort of in your face bass that would make you go insane at a show, but its more restrained and melodic style is definitely filling a void in that world. Check it out below.